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GCM condemns the racist statements made by Dawn Fraser on Channel 9

altThe Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) would like to express its disappointment and dismay at the overtly racist language and sentiment adopted by Australian Olympian Dawn Fraser on the Today Show earlier this morning.

Without questioning her right to comment on Australian tennis players Nick Kyrgio’s and Bernard Tomic’s performances at Wimbledon, we condemn Ms Fraser for her hurtful comments that demanded that Mr Kyrgios & Mr Tomic “go back to where their fathers or parents came from. We don't need them in this country if they act like that."

Greek Centre Director Jorge Menidis was perplexed and disappointed by the Australian Olympian’s comments:

“We feel that there is little place in a contemporary, multicultural and cosmopolitan Australia for the sort of public statements that were made by Ms Fraser.”

“Suggesting the removal of people from this country who somehow don’t seem to fit in with Ms Fraser’s notion of what it is to be Australian is not only perplexing but quite hurtful to the many migrants and their decendants who have made multicultural Australia, the great nation it is today.”

“Ms Fraser not only owes the tennis players in question an apology but also every person born of migrant parents to whom her insults apply to”.

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