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GCM students perform the "Odyssey"

altThe end of the year performance of the Greek Community’s Advanced Greek School Campus took place on Saturday 10 December, at the Union Hall of the University of Melbourne.

The students presented the “Odyssey”, which was adapted by Katerina Poutachidou and directed by Stathis Grapsas and was performed on a circular stage, whilst members of the audience were also arranged in a circular manner.

The Principal of the Greek Community’s Language and Cultural Schools Mr Manos Tzimpragos, remarked that "one of the most important lessons we learn from theatre is that of teamwork and close cooperation, notable that we are part of a team, where each member is equally important"

Equally important was the contribution of the director, Stathis Grapsas, who worked with the children and their teachers for six months to prepare the play, who noted that "I did not want to have a protagonist; all of them have an equally important role in the play,"

Maria Bakalidou, coordinator of the Advance School Program said: "This performance taught us a lot, first and foremost how to work together as a team. It was a difficult task which involved all the school classes, so we had to have perfect coordination of students, teachers and the director, in order to achieve the desired result."

An important part of the performance was to farewell the VCE students who were holding a huge mast- a symbol of the journey - whilst they were reciting Cavafy’s poem “Ithaca”.

Finally, it was with enthusiasm that students remarked that “they do not see the school only as a venue to improve their Greek language skills and to prepare for their exams, but also as a second family, where they found new friends and support during their first steps in Australia”