The Death of Holden


Journalist and writer Royce Kourmelovs will present an interesting lecture about the Australian car industry, on Thursday 25 May, at the Greek Centre, as a part of the Greek History and Culture Seminars offered by the Greek Community of Melbourne.

Thousands of Greek-Australians were employed in various car manufacturers and especially Holden. For the migrant men that came from across the world to build the Australian car, those factories meant everything. It was hard work, but it meant a house, it meant a family, it meant a comfortable life.

Some people used the car factories to get their start, others stayed for life. Sometimes, they even gave their kids over to the factory, too. But as of October 2017, the whole thing is shutting down and we have yet to come to grips with what that means.

Everyone has a different idea about what killed the Australia car industry, but few people have a good grasp of what we're losing.

Royce Kurmelovs is a journalist from Adelaide, South Australia. He has written for the BBC, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, The San Francisco Bay Guardian and others. His 2016 book The Death of Holden chronicles the lives of people across South Australia and Victoria living through the end of the Australian car industry.