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Dance Event with the The Folk Group of the Greek Community
21.10.2018 19.30 h
Melbourne Town Hall - Melbourne


The WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concert, scheduled on Sunday the 21st  October 7.30 pm presents a 2 hour program of a broad selection of musical and dance styles from  the cultural heritage of 20 communities from City of Melbourne, which is also a world music repertoire.

Leading exponents of their art, professional musicians, choirs, vocalists, instrumentalists and the Grand Organ, present the program as one unit. First time ever they will be ringing Melbourne’s famous Federation hand-held bells throughout the entire program, from each performer’s segment to the next, creating a seamless flow of sound. 130 performers and audience join in bell ringing,  creating a powerful spirit of unity and togetherness, celebrating the beauty of our diversity, as one community,  as one world…

The Folk Group of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria is a member of the Live Traditions Display Team  of the WE ARE THE WORLD! Bring a bell! Concerts. This is a permanent body of  performers who satisfy criteria for artistic excellence and for authenticity of performed cultural heritage which is live in Australia, by presenting at least 100 year old music, using authentic instruments and original languages  or dance using antic costumes or replicas of authentic costumes, who also agree to adhere to the Concert Event Syllabus. By its aims and character, the Live Traditions Display Team is eligible for accreditation with the Australian branch of UNESCO, the body which aims to preserve intangible cultural heritage in the world.

The Folk Group of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria, under the leadership of Nik Papefthimiou, will perform in the program dances from Thrace in North Western Greece.   Instruments used: Greek Bagpipes (called the Gaida), as well as a lute and kaval which is an open ended flute.

The organiser is the Cosmic Harmony Foundation  charitable organisation - expert in promoting cultural heritage for 2.5 decades, in this concert focusing on the cultural heritage of communities living in the City of Melbourne. The concert is a volunteer effort of 130 performers and relies on door donations, apart from a partial sponsorship of City of Melbourne for the use of the Melbourne Town Hall, which is a heritage building, suited to the explicit heritage content of the concert, which also utilises the grand organ.

Come along and bring a bell!

Admission by $20 recommended door donation.

Detailed information bout the concert is available on:   
The Greek Folk Group is here:


Melbourne Town Hall
Northeast corner of Swanston and Collins Streets
Country: au

Melbourne Town Hall is the central City and town hall, and is a historic building that has been there since 1867, Australia, in the State of Victoria. It is located on the northeast corner of Swanston and Collins Streets, in the central business district.

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