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Information on Immigrating To Australia
Working holiday visa agreement to be signed between Greece and Australia

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Stavros Lambrinidis announced that they have commenced the necessary processes for the signing of a reciprocal agreement between Greece and Australia which will allow Greeks and Australians to visit both countries as tourists and work during their period of stay.

Skills Expo Athens - 8 and 9 October 2011


The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria wishes to inform all Greek Citizens, who are interested in immigrating to Australia as skilled workers, that applications for registration to participate in the information session "Skills Australia Needs" in Athens (8 and 9 October) are now open. To apply please follow the link:


As the offices of the GOCMV have been inundated with phone calls and emails in recent weeks we wish to remind those interested in migrating to Australia that our organisation is not a Migration Agency and that we endeavour to provide general immigration information and direction.

The Community will continue to advocate for migration policies which may assist immigration between Greece and Australia as it is currently doing by pursuing a bilateral working holiday visa.

For general information we note the following types of visas that are frequently referred to:


In response to the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria's submission to the Minister of Immigration & Citizenship, the Department has scheduled a Skills Expo in Athens to take place on the 8th & 9th of October 2011 in a venue to be announced soon.

Migration Scams – Protecting yourself from immigration fraud

Over the past couple of months and as a result of many Greek citizens' endeavours to migrate to Australia we have received numerous complaints from Greek citizens in regard to certain unscrupulous individuals that seek to take advantage of those prospective migrants. In the majority of cases they impersonate immigration agents or representatives from 'authorised' agencies promising to secure permanent residency and work in Australia and asking for fees in advance.

Many compatriots have informed us that these so called 'migrant advisors' are seeking exorbitant amounts of money for the purpose of issuing visas and finding employment. In many cases these 'advisors' persistently endeavour to communicate with potential candidates with phone calls and emails until they receive the relevant funds.

Changes To Australian Immigration Legislation

As of the 1st July 2011 Australia's new immigration rules will focus on higher qualifications and advanced English language skills as requirements for those wishing to migrate to Australia.

The Australian government announced changes to its independent skilled migration points test, introducing the new immigration point system which will put more emphasis on work experience and high-level educational qualifications and higher English language proficiency.

Prerequisites For Travelling To Australia

As a result of an unprecedented number of telephone calls and correspondence that the Greek Community has received from our compatriots in Greece, we wish to stress that in accordance to existing Australian immigration legislation a person that wishes to enter Australia can do so for the purposes of holidays, study or to work in Australia. For your information we note the following:

Information on immigrating to Australia

UPDATED 15/7/2011
Over the last twelve months there has been a sharp increase in regard to Greek citizens wishing to migrate to Australia. Many of these enquiries include queries about how one can apply for a visa and which visa may be the most appropriate for the applicant. Additionally, many of these applicants have highlighted associated difficulties in understanding the migration process. The current visa scheme is wide ranging and ranges from skilled workers and professionals to student visas.

GOCMV Immigration Report

The Greek economic crisis has led to a sharp increase in the number of highly skilled and educated Greek nationals seeking opportunities outside Greece. The main destinations of choice for Greeks include the UK, US and other European nations. There has also been a significant rise in the number of Greeks seeking to work and study in Australia.

The purpose of this report is to outline the ways in which Greek nationals can make a valuable contribution to the economic and social fabric of Australian society and to suggest practical reforms to the Australian immigration process to facilitate the entry of Greek visa applicants to Australia.

Submission by the GOCMV to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration for the inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia.

The following submission paper was presented before the Joint Standing Committee on Migration at a public hearing into multiculturalism in Australia on 29th March 2011 at La Trobe University. The purpose of the inquiry was to explore the economic, social and cultural impacts of migration and make recommendations to maximise the positive benefits of migration.

Click here to download the submission paper in PDF form (536KB)

GOCMV Immigration Committee meets with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Bowen

The minister for Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Bowen with members of the GOCMV Immigration Committee


In a statement released today members of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria's Immigration Committee expressed their satisfaction with respect to their meeting with the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Bowen that was held at the Minister's office in Canberra on Wednesday 15th June.

Specifically, the Minister discussed with the Committee at length the problems currently faced by Greek citizens who wish to migrate to Australia and the recommendations put forward by the Greek Community. The Minister viewed all recommendations in a positive light and agreed to investigate the matter further.

GOCMV To Meet With Minister Of Immigration And Citizenship

The Federal Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Bowen will meet representatives of the GOCMV on Wednesday 15th June, 2011 at his parliamentary office in Canberra to discuss the matter of immigration of Greek citizens to Australia.

The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria initiates dialogue with the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

As a result of the economic and financial crisis that Greece is currently facing the offices of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) are being overwhelmed, on a daily basis, with telephone calls and emails from Greek citizens wishing to migrate to Australia.
Furthermore, many individuals and in certain cases families, that have arrived in Melbourne as tourists have personally visited the Community’s offices seeking information and assistance in regard to permanently settling in Australia.

Meeting with the Federal Immigration Minister


Meeting with the Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship the Hon. Chris Bowen MP in regards to immigration from Greece.

Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Bowen will meet with representatives of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria (GOCMV) on the issue of Greek citizens migrating to Australia as a result of the economic and financial crisis that Greece is currently facing. In correspondence sent to the GOCMV by the Minister's office, it was noted that the Minister will gladly meet to discuss the matter at length.

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