Program “Melbourne- Athens: A journey of friendship”

Twelve students from the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Language and Culture Schools (Balwyn & Doncaster campus) and twelve Greek students from the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (Psychico College), completed on Monday 21st November, at 7pm, their first group Skype meeting as a result of their participation in the Program “Melbourne- Athens: A journey of friendship”.

The program “Melbourne-Athens: a journey of friendship» is an online mentoring «One on One» program, in the Greek language, between peers. More specifically, it is a program involving year 10 students of the Hellenic American Education Foundation (Psychico College), who have the role of Mentor, and year 9 students of our Balwyn and Doncaster campuses, who are the program’s Mentees.

The aim of the program: is a) to facilitate the needs of our students in the use of the Greek language in oral communication and b) to provide them with the opportunity to become «Ambassadors» for Australia by enriching the knowledge of their Greek peers with respect to our society and customs.

The advantages of the program are not confined only to our student community. The program provides the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Language & Culture Schools with the unique opportunity to exchange views and practices with the Hellenic American Educational Foundation, a highly valued institution that has been providing, by international standards, the highest quality education (both primary & secondary) since the beginning of the 20th century.

Responsible for the design and coordination of the program «Melbourne – Athens: A journey of friendship» is Maria Filio Tridimas. Ms. Tridimas, who is a sociologist, was instrumental in bringing the schools together since she has worked as a teacher and Youth Coordinator for Civic Engagement Programs at Psychico College for nine years.

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