The White Tower at the Greek Centre

altThe White Tower stands proudly in the foyer of the Greek Centre in Lonsdale Street. It is the first leg of its tour of honour to the various venues around Melbourne. It is the replica of Thessaloniki's most famous landmark which has been meticulously decorated by 8,000 white laurels, the symbol of highest status and an emblem of prosperity and fame. These flowers were crocheted by ladies in our local community as well as ladies in Athens and Thessaloniki.

"It was always my intention that the tower be located, for short periods, at local venues, primarily ones which hosted workshops. It will go to various schools, community halls and will ultimately be housed in a museum or gallery. Originally it was created as a community project, but in the end it has become a major work of art." said Christina Despoteris, Manager and Coordinator of the project.

"I thank Bill Papasteriadis, Costas Markos and all at the Greek Community of Melbourne who have embraced the project and have understood from the outset the importance and the significance of such a major project. The tower will remain and stand proudly during the Greek Festival on 25 and 26 February for all the community to admire." Christina added.
Please come along and see it for yourself.

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