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Celebrating 120 years of οur organisation

altOur organisation marks it's 120 anniversary with a series of lectures and presentations that highlight its history in an attempt to find the way forward.

The Greek Community was established in 1897 by some of the first Greek residents of the City of Melbourne, with its roots in the early in 1890’s, it is the oldest Greek organisation in Australia and the second oldest Greek organisation of the diaspora after the Greek Community of Alexandria-Egypt.

The organisation’s main protagonists during its foundation period, Alexander V. Maniachis (Zakynthos), Gregory P. Matoorekos (Spetses) & Antonios J. J. Lecatsas (Ithaca) were visionaries in their endeavours to create an organisation with a democratic structure that would serve the religious, cultural and educational needs of its members. For almost 120 years, the GOCMV has been, and continues to be, an advocate of cultural diversity by promoting our rich history to the residents of Victoria.

Today our organisation has thousands of individual members; making it the largest member based Greek organisation in Australia. In the spirit of its founding members, the Board of Management is committed to engaging its members in all matters pertaining to Greek-Australian residents of Melbourne, and ensuring that it provides its members with the highest quality services possible.

"The series of events scheduled for the 120 year anniversary of our organisation delve well into the rich history of our Community, its interactions within our 'paroikia/community' as well as the broader community of Melbourne," said Mr Costas Markos, Hon. General Secretary of the Greek Community of Melbourne.

"It also provides us with the opportunity to reflect and articulate the future role of organisations such as the Greek Community of Melbourne and the manifestation of future endeavours that provide relevance to our Multicultural society".

The scheduled lectures and presentations are:

•Thursday 16 November, 7.00pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry

Researcher Juliana Charpantidou will present a lecture that focuses on the events that helped shape the Greek Community of Melbourne from its inception to the end of World War II.

•Sunday 19 November, 3 pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
Commemoration of the 44th anniversary of the Polytechnic students uprising. The program includes a brief talk, live Greek music and a documentary depicting the events as they happened in 1973. 
*Presented by the Polytechnic Commemorative Committee

•Thursday 23 November, 7.00pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
Researcher Juliana Charpantidou will present a second lecture on the history of the Greek Community of Melbourne focusing on the turbulent decades of the 1950’s & 1960’s

•Thursday 30 November, 7.00pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
Andrew Jackomos presents a lecture on the ‘Greek-Aboriginal connection’
Andrew Jackomos is the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Υoung People. Andrew, the son of Alick and Merle Jackomos (of Yorta Yorta descent) and grandson of Castelorizian migrants who arrived in Melbourne in the early 1900s.

Andrew takes a close look at the links and similarities between the Aboriginal and Greek communities. During the course of his lecture Andrew will speak of his father's contribution towards Aboriginal justice in Victoria.

•Sunday 3 December, 3.00 pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
Launch of George Michelakakis' book "Η κρίση της ελπίδας – Hope in crisis"
Well-known artist and former Board Member George Michelakakis presents an in depth analysis of the works numerous post war Greek Australian artists, poets and writers and how their work reflected both their surroundings and experiences as migrants in Australia.
The book will be launched by Dr George Vassilacopoulos (Latrobe)
*Presented in association with Democritus League & Eothinon Publications

•Thursday 7 December, 7.00 pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
‘120 years anniversary: A celebration of neolea in the Greek community’ – Panel Discussion
As part of the GCM’s 120-year anniversary, The National Union of Greek Australian Students (NUGAS) Victoria celebrates Greek Youth in the Community. NUGAS Victoria prepares for an evening of panellist discussion, networking, drinks, and music.

The purpose of this evening is to discuss the attitudes that Greek-Australian youths have towards their identity as third, or more, generation Greek-Australians with respect to culture, language, and heritage. The panellists and participants will be exploring such attitudes by addressing the needs of our young members, the role of organisations such as NUGAS, how such organisations can maximise the benefits of student participation, and finally, the attitudes of our parents and grandparents which have in turn influenced our understanding of what it is to be Greek.

• Sunday 10 December, 3.00 pm | Greek Centre | Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale St Melbourne | Free entry
“Humble beginnings of the Orthodox Church in Victoria” by Dr Trevor Batrouney

Dr Trevor James Anthony Batrouney is a fourth generation Australian Lebanese. His great grandfather migrated to Australia in 1889. As part of his lecture Dr Batrouney will be outline a series of historical facts revealing the beginnings of Orthodoxy in Victoria.

Did you know the Syrian Community were closely connected with the Greek Church and Community in the late 1800s? Come and find out the history of our first Orthodox Church in Victoria, Evangelismos Tis Theotokou.

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