Evzones visit the Greek Centre

altThe members of the Presidential Guard (Evzones), who were in Melbourne for our National Day celebrations, visited the Greek Centre, on Friday 23 March and attended a dinner hosted by the Board of Directors of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM).

On behalf of the GCM the dinner was attended by the President Mr. Bill Papastergiadis and various Board Members as well as the benefactors of the GCM Mr. N. Andrianakos, Mr. Stelios Koukouvitakis, Mr. Peter Abraham and Mr. Tasos Revis.

The President and the members of the Board of Directors informed the Presidential Guard about our historical organisation and its activities, as well as about the Greek Centre and its rich cultural program.

Mr. Papastergiadis said that the GCM has become the beacon of Hellenism in the Diaspora and a point of reference for both the other ethnic communities and the Australians, who are impressed by its success and programs.

Vice-President Mr. Nikos Koukouvatakis spoke about our educational programs, the Language and Culture School and the Alphington Grammar.

Also the members of the Board Ms Tammy Iliou, Mr. Jim Bossinakis and Mr. Leonidas Vlachakis briefed the members of the Presidential Guard for the festivals organized by the GCM.

The head of the Presidential Guard, Lieutenant Gregory Prezerakos, congratulated the GCM for its activities and achievements and the efforts to preserve and promote the Greek culture.

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