Ukranian Community leaders visit the Greek Centre

altOn Friday 16 March representatives of the Ukrainian community visited the Greek Centre and met with GCM officials in a fact finding exercise for the Ukrainian community as they look towards potentially realising a new cultural centre of their own.

The GCM was represented by President Bill Papastergiaidis, Hon Secretary Costas Markos and Centre Director Jorge Menidis and they detailed to their Ukrainian counterparts the challenges they faced and the rewards they have reaped in building and activating the Greek Centre.

For their part, the Ukranian delegation which was led by President Slowko Kohuto, Vice-President Liana Slipetsky and accompanied by Stefan Romaniw (President of the Ukranian Federation) congratulated the Greek Community on its enterprise.

Costas Markos explained how the building is currently utilised: “It is encouraging to meet organisations such as the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria that wish to expand their horizons in order to actively attract younger members to their constituency. The Greek Centre has a unique model whereby its new building provides access to five (5) fully operational level where culture and education are the centre of the activities, such as; interactive classroom, lecture spaces, theatre facilities and modern offices for the use of organisations of both a Greek and non-Greek membership base”.

Bill Papastergiadis said “a contemporary and functional space is critical to the future survival of community groups. We need to continually reinvent our spaces and service offerings. If not, our relevance is diminished and membership dwindles. Any such bold plans require a united board and a solid vision. Community interaction and solidarity is essential”

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