Play the "Mythic Revolutions" game

altFotis Sagonas is an author from Greece and also he is also the creator of the Tabletop Role Playing Game “Mythic Revolutions”.

A special edition of this game is about to be released in both Greek and English language, including an adventure which was created especially for the Greek-Australian community.

This is an open invitation to anyone who is familiar with tabletop RPGs or is interested in participating in a live- online streaming presentation of “Mythic Revolution” which will take place in Greek COmmunity of Melbourne, 168 Lonsdale Street Melbourne & tel: 61396622722. 

All players will take part in a fictional adventure which take place in Messologhi (Greek Revolution) in 1826, during the last year of the siege. The duration of the game’s presentation is about 3 hours.

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