Elections Results - Announcement of the Electoral Committee

altThe Eectoral Committee appointed to conduct the elections for the new Board of Management of the Greek Community of Melbourne announced that the elections were held in accordance with the organisation’s constitution and without irregularities, on 20 January 2019.

The results of the elections are as follows:
1. In total 532 members of the Community voted at the election.
2. 20 ballots were invalid and 512 valid.
3. The 25 candidates received the following votes (The first 19 with the most votes are elected to the Community Board):

Dallas Nikos 496
Koukouvitakis Nikos 493
Iliou Tammy 490
Vlahakis Leonidas 486
Zangalis Vasso 486
Markos Theo 481
Bossinakis Jim 481
Papadopoulos Spiros 481
Papastergiadis Vasilis 478
Markos Costas 477
Pirpiris Marinis 475
Karamitos Michael 473
Georgalis Angela 471
Vasiliadis Philip 470
Costa Alexis 460
Kallianis Voula 459
Pattas Georgina 448
Sgardelis Tass 444
Sikavitsas Chris 435
Papakonstantinou Stella 188
Fifis Christos 143
Tsitas Nondas 104
Houdalakis Michalis 104
Tsirkas Christos 103
Tsakoumis Kostas 94

On behalf of the Election Commission
Paul Mavroudis (President)
Nikos Poulakos (Secretary)


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