Historic meeting between South Sudanese leaders and the GCM

Leaders of the South Sudanese Federation of Associations met for the first time with members of the Greek Community to discuss how the Greek Community of Melbourne, one of the oldest cultural organisations’ in Australia could assist the present-day South Sudanese community.

The meeting held at The Greek Centre, during which both groups explored common ground and objectives- noting that education was a significant area of interest for both groups. The GCM leadership shared some of its strategic planning processes with Mr Deng Monybuony Kor and Pastor Tu Yoa, who also detailed the experience of their community and the issues that they face.

The South Sudanese leadership, which was introduced to the Greek Community by Multicultural Affairs professional Fotis Kapetopoulos was impressed with the Greek Centre and are keen to explore the Greek Community’s operations.

The meeting ended with the group agreeing to work together strategically with the next step being a visit to a GCM school by the South Sudanese leadership.

Attending the meeting on behalf of the Greek Community of Melbourne were Theo Markos (Vice President), Costas Markos (Hon Secretary) and committee members Nick Dallas, Leonidas Vlahakis.

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