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1st Creative Online International Encounter

internet meeting english mic“Theatrical children’s/teens groups perform roles in front of a microphone"

Children and teenagers now have the opportunity to perform audio roles in plays, myths and fairy-tales in the Greek language, in front of a microphone and instead of having audiences they will have listeners.

This experimental method provides a unique discovery to the world of acoustic/audio plays.

The first international online encounter will be indeed a challenge as we have teams from Greece and Cyprus that will be participating.

The primary goal of such an encounter is to facilitate the online contact of the participants and to promote their creative activities with recordings of theatrical texts accompanied by music and sounds.

Open discussions will be held throughout the encounter with actors and theatrical musical composers.


Theatrical Cultural Artistic Centre “Poupoulo”, Greece

“Motivation in Arts Foundation”, Cyprus

“Creative Drama & Arts Centre” of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Australia

The entry form must be completed and returned via email by 24 May 2020 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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