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COVID and working migrant communities

kos samarasAn online lecture about the COVID-19 pandemic and the migrant communities will be presented by Kos Samaras on Thursday 27 August 2020, as part of the Greek History and Culture Seminars offered by the Greek Community of Melbourne.

The COVID-19 pandemic has followed in the footsteps of many plagues from history. Initially, pestilence accompanies people travelling via busy trade routes, via ships during the world’s last great pandemic and now via the countless air routes favoured by tourists and business.

Once a novel virus finds its way into a community, it is the most vulnerable who endure the greatest hardship. COVID-19 has not just been lethal for many of our frail elderly but for thousands of migrant workers, exposed because of their work and lack of care.

This pandemic will be remembered for many tragedies, but history will highlight one very obvious trait. The impact on migrant communities, from the cold streets of Stockholm to the countless undocumented workers in Texas.

For close to 30 years, Kos Samaras has worked in both advertising and politics. He served as Victorian Labor’s Deputy Campaign Director for 14 years, where he specialised in political and social demography. He now runs a research consulting company based in Victoria, focusing on both social and corporate projects aimed at assisting the broader community. Kos was born in Australia, his parents migrating to Australia during the 1960s. He spent most of his formative years growing up in Melbourne’s migrant working class suburbs of Northcote and Broadmeadows.

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Date: THURSDAY - 27 Aug. 2020 @ 7:00pm

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