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GCM students perform the tale 'The Young Rooster' by Glyka Stoiou

thumbnail balwyn grade 4 to peteinaraki presentation

Greek language students from the Balwyn School Unit of the Greek Community of Melbourne, performed the radio-edition of the tale 'The Young Rooster' by Greek author Glyka Stoiou in a special online meeting.

This story was selected because of its nature as being a timeless, traditional folk tale throughout Europe and South America.

The author Glyka Stoiou has stayed true to the original oral version of this fairy tale told to her as a child by her own grandmother, Eleni.

"The Little Rooster" is a symbolic tale that teaches us the importance of solidarity and how to fight resolutely for justice and what is right.

We extend our warmest thanks to the author for letting our children from the Greek Community School, year 4 Balwyn campus, interpret this excellent pedagogical text.

On Monday, the 9th of November, we were honoured by the presence of the author Mrs.Glyka Stoiou, in our online lesson. It was the first time we would hear the final product of our class's recording efforts, and we thought it appropriate to invite the author to listen to it with us.

As it happened, Mrs. Stoiou joined us from faraway Mexico, where she currently resides. This impressed the children and as a result, after listening to the story, they had lots of good questions! The author was quite emotional as this story is very dear to her heart, we were all very happy with the final outcome and indeed the opportunity we were given to meet Mrs. Stoiou, even though she was at a distance - we felt she was very close!

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