Our students attend online short film making workshop

Year 7 and 8 students of the Greek Language and Culture School - Bentleigh campus, together with the drama teacher Katerina Poutachidou, had the opportunity to participate in an online process and implementation of a short film, organised by the theatrical group MEWE which is based in Athens.

The short film will be presented in November along with other students’ short films from Greece and Greek schools in Europe, and will take part in the international and domestic short film festivals for children.

The theme of the film is the school bullying and freedom of expression, titled "A feat to be yourself".

Last week, our students completed the first part of the project, under the guidance of author Anna Rebelou, which was the writing of the script. Our students presented in detail the characters; the heroes of the film, gave "key" elements to each one and the plot of the script.

This week we will move on to the second part of the project, which is the acting part in front of the camera. With the actress Athena Mperdeka, our students will practice their theatrical expression and will start setting up for the shots / scenes of the film.

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