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GCM Students Celebrate the OXI Day

On Thursday, October 28th, students from all the Campuses of the Greek Community School’s of Melbourne, gathered to celebrate in an online assembly Greece’s National Day of Remembrance, Courage and Determination.

The assembly started as Mrs. Maria Bakalidou, the principal of the schools, welcomed everyone. Students from, Balwyn, Point Cook, Narra Warren, South Morang, Doncaster, Albert Park and Mathesis campuses, shared poems they’d prepared.

A musical trio, two students and their father, from the City campus, played live their bouzouki, baglama and guitar and sang the satirical anti-war song “Άκου Ντούτσε μου τα νέα” composed by Panteli Tounta (1940).

Special addition to the Assembly was the interview taken from one of our Grade 2 students of City campus from his dad, regarding his Australian great grandfather who was part of the ANZAC’s who fought in Greece.

The interview was a great opportunity for our students to listen to stories of friendship between the ANZAC’s and the Greek people during the Second World War.

At the closing of the Assembly the students watched the short film “Ειρήνη” of Aristophanes, in which participated teachers from our School. Guest star was our former principal, Mr. Manos Tzimpragos. The film was edited by the City campus Drama teacher, Jeremy Artis.

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