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The best presents for Chirstmas are books. We offer a series of titles from the GCM Bookshop with a discounted price. If you want to buy one or more of the following books please email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Postage & Handling: $10 for less 1kg, $15 for over 1kg


Title: Soumela and the Magic Kemenche
Author: Dean Kalimniou, Illustrator: Stephanos Eleftheriadis
Price: $30

Description: Bilingual Children’s Book
In a land where fable meets fairy tale, myths and legends combine to ensure that a young girl triumphs over adversity and is reunited safely with her mother. A sensitive rendering of historical traumatic events taking place in Asia Minor in the aftermath of the First World War, the heroine, Soumela, drawing on her faith, traditions and her mother's love, is given the strength to brave the obstacles in her way, and ultimately, through the choices she makes, to live happily ever after.


Title: Politics of Forgetting: New Zealand, Greece and Britain at War
Author:Martyn Brown
Price:$49.95 | Special Price:$25
Length:432 pages

New Zealand, with close ties to Britain, was heavily involved in the war against Nazi Germany on the battle lines in Greece, Crete, the Middle East, North Africa and Italy. The experience was eye-opening for the new emerging nation, and a lasting bond between New Zealand and Greece was formed.

greek folk journey

Title: A Greek Folk Journey, Travel, Culture and Gastronomy
Author: Terina Armenakis
Price: $44.95 | Special Price: $20
Length: 406 pages

A Greek Folk Journey acquaints you with Greece’s folk heritage by providing an insight into the abundance of customs, festivals and events to be found in all corners of the country, presented by the month.


Title: 'Someone Else's War' – A Novel
Author: Phil Kafcaloudes
Special Price: $5
Length: 340 pages

Based on true events, 'Someone Else's War' is a novel that spans the life of the author's maternal grandmother, a reluctant spy and British agent in World War Two

Title: The Greek Community of Geelong 1956-2006
Author: Jordan Mavros
Price: $40
Length: 374 pages

A book celebrating half a century of the Hellenic Orthodox Community of Geelong, looking at its history and achievements.

Title: The Carpet Weaver of Usak
Author: Kathryn Gauci
Price: $25
Length: 254 pages

From the author of The Embroiderer comes a haunting story of a deep friendship between two women, one Greek, one Turk. A friendship that transcends an era of mistrust, and fear, long after the wars have ended

Title: Greek-Australians in the Australian armed forces : Kokoda : World War II
Author: Steve Kyritsis
Special Price: $20
Length: 388 pages

Thousands of Australian servicemen were involved in defending the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea and halting the Japanese advance. The book looks at some of the Greek-Australian troops that participated in some of these vicious battles

the children of pan arcadian

Title: The Children of Pan-Arcadians in Australia
Author: Anastasios Myrodis Tamis
Price: $80
Length: 708 pages

A epic volume commemorating the history of post-WWII Arcadian migration to Australia. It traces their settlement and organizational activities, their contributions and achievements, and their intercommunal efforts to enhance solidarity and philanthropy.

Τίτλος: Ο Ήλιος της Αναρχίας ανέτειλε
Συγγραφέας: Δημήτρης Τρωαδίτης
Τιμή: $15
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 704

Μια ιστορία του αναρχικού κινήματος του “ελλαδικού” χώρου» από τον ομογενή συγγραφέα και ποιητή Δημήτρης Τρωαδίτης

Title: The History of Hellenes in Australia Volume III
Author: Anastasios Myrodis Tamis
Price: $80
Special price: $60
Length: 650 pages

The third volume of the History of Hellenes in Australia presents the story of Hellenic settlement and organization, the socio-economic, cultural and religious trends as well as the achievements attained by more than 540,000 Australians of Hellenic background in Australia, between the years 1974 to 2016.

ORDERS: If you want to buy one or more books please email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Postage & Handling: $10 for less 1kg, $15 for over 1kg

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