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The 2021 AGM of the Greek Community of Melbourne

agm 2021 kkThe 2021 Annual General Meeting of the members of the Greek Community of Melbourne was held on Sunday, 16 January  2022 at the Alphington Grammar School.

The AGM was attended by a large number of members, with a significant percentage of young people and women.

During the General Meeting, the minutes of the previous AGM were read and approved, and followed by the reports of the President and Treasurer, while all the questions of the members were answered.

A nine-member Election Committee was elected to manage the elections of the new Board of Directors. The Committee's members are: Costas Tsoumbakos, Paul Mavroudis, Peter Merkoulias, Christos Kalavrytinos, Dimitris Mattheas, Peter Papatheodorou, Anastassios Kalamovrakas, Odysseas Kripotos, and Makis Hatzilepos.

Also the names of the candidates for the new Board were announced:

1. Karamarkos Kostas
2. Papadoupoulos Spiros
3. Stefanidis Kostas
4. Sgardelis Tass
5. Costa Alexi
6. Georgalis Angela
7. Zangalis Vasso
8. Kyritsis Vicky
9. Makrigiorgos Aggelos
10. Dallas Nick
11. Anthea Sidiropoulos
12. Janna Trifon
13. Betty Dimitropoulos
14. Hiotis Eleni
15. Nick Koukouvitakis
16. Manuel Tsimiris
17. Dean Kotsianis
18. Mena Giannellis
19. Nicholas Poulakos
20. Chris Sikavitsas
21. Kathy Bossinakis
22. Spiridoula Demetriou
23. Jim Bossinakis
24. Michael Karamitos
25. Leonidas Vlahakis
26. Marinis Pirpiris
27. Bill Papastergiadis
28. Elias Diacolabrianos
29. Meni Christofakis
30. Efstathia Zarifopoulos
31. Anita Philopoulos
32. Theo Markos
33. Jeana Vithoulkas
34. Maria Rerakis
35. Costas Markos
36. Christos Fifis

The Electoral Committee was to meet on Tuesday night at the GCM offices to discuss and decide on the procedures and the date of the elections.

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