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The GCM promotes the initiative: "We choose Greece by building Bridges of Knowledge and Cooperation" and investment

On Friday, 29 September, a meeting took place at the Ministry of Economy and Development of Greece between the President Mr. Bill Papastergiadis and the Secretary General for Strategic and Private Investments of the Ministry Mr Lois Labrianidis.

During the meeting was discussed how the Greek Community of Melbourne could support and promote the new Greek government's national initiative entitled "We choose Greece by building Knowledge and Partnership Bridges"

This initiative it was designed by the Ministry of Economy and Development, in collaboration with other ministries and is implemented by the General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investments and the National Documentation Centre.

Its aim is to strengthen the contribution of Greek scientists and professionals living and working abroad towards the development of Greece and its progress towards the "Knowledge Society".

The platform of this initiative was presented to Mr. Papastergiadis and its aim is to network Greeks around the world in order to:
1. Find partners and information on funding programs and scholarships in Greece;
2. Promote the products and services of Greek business in countries where Greeks live and work;
3. Support self-employed friends or family workers in a business in Greece;
4. Work as a mentor (business angel) to establish a start-up business in Greece;
5. Network with scientists working at Universities abroad.

The platform is also accessible to Greek organisations with information on available jobs and the option to express interest for collaboration and networking with Greeks abroad.
At the meeting it was also discussed the possibility of investment in Greece by Greeks living in the State of Victoria.

The discussion took place on the assumption that the investment climate has improved in Greece and the recognition that over the last two years, significant investment opportunities have been offered.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Julie Harpandidou, PhD candidate at the Panteion University and responsible of the Historical Archives of the Greek Community of Melbourne.
The meeting was extremely informative and successful.

For more information on the National Development Strategy 2021 (visit:
For more information on the "Choose Greece Building Bridges of Knowledge and Collaboration" initiative (visit:

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