GCM elections will be held on Sunday 20 January 2019

img 20181216 124344The Electoral Committee of the GCM met on Monday evening at the Greek Centre, to set the date and the details for the elections for the new Board of Management.

The Committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members of the GCM, on Sunday 16 December 2018, at the "Andrianakos Centre", of the Alphington Grammar School.

The members of the Electoral Committee are: Paul Mavroudis (President), Nikos Poulakos (Secretary), Makis Hatzilepos, Chrysoula Stamopoulos, Costas Kyritsis, Anastasios Kalamovrakas, Christos Kalavrytinos, Cathy Alexopoulos and Savvas Grigoropoulos.

The Committee decided that the elections will be held on Sunday 20 January 2019 at the Andrianakos Centre, Alphington Grammar School.

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