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Greek Film Festival 2023

Voices in Deep - Cinema 4

  • When
  • Where Palace Balwyn
  • Entry Ticketed

Event Details

In the aftermath of Greece’s refugee crisis that started in 2015, Tarek and Zaeed are orphaned refugees.

Unable to secure public housing, Tarek pays for food and board by prostituting himself to his abusive pimp Masi, but when a local refugee girl is murdered, the younger brother Zaeed decides to get them out any way he can.

Meanwhile, Bobby, an Australian volunteer worker once dedicated to saving the lives of refugees is holed up in a motel room.

Her recurring traumas of a tragedy at sea have left her emotionally crippled. She must sell her illegally harvested shellfish before she gets on a plane back to Australia.

But when Bobby’s black-market buyer goes missing, she must find a way to offload the shellfish before they turn foul.

As tensions rise, Bobby flashes strangers, a compulsive and primitive expression of her post-traumatic anxiety.

  • LANGUAGE English
  • EVENT SERIES Greek Film Festival > Greek Film Festival 2023
  • PRESENTED BY The Greek Community of Melbourne