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2022 Greek Book Fair Exhibitor: Petro Alexiou

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2022 Greek Book Fair Exhibitor: Petro Alexiou

Petro Alexiou has studied literature, philosophy and history in Australia (where he was born) and Greece. From 1983-1996 he subtitled Greek films for Australia’s public broadcaster SBS-TV. He has written scripts for film and video and has published children’s stories and articles on Greek literature and cinema, as well as Greek-Australian history.

Aiora Press is an independent publishing house in Athens. Since 1997, Aiora has been publishing selected books on history, politics, social and human science, literature, theatre, self-help, eastern philosophy, children’s books. Aiora also publishes important works of ancient and modern Greek literature translated into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

Books available:

  1. Stratis Doukas A Prisoner of War’s Story (Translated by Petro Alexiou)
  2. George Seferis Novel and Other Poems (Translated by Roderick Beaton) BILINGUAL EDITION
  3. Emmanuel Roides Pope Joan (Translated by David Connolly)
  4. Ilias Venzis Serenity (Translated by Joshua Barley)
  5. Rebetika: Songs from the Old Greek Underworld
  6. (Eds. Katharine Butterworth & Sara Schneider)
  7. Greek Folk Songs (Translated by Joshua Barley) BILINGUAL EDITION
  8. Roderick Beaton The Greek Revolution of 1821 and its Global Significance