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Hellenistic and Roman Sparta: a Tale of Two Cities

with Professor Paul Cartledge

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This presentation is based on the presenter’s book Hellenistic & Roman Sparta: A Tale of Two Cities (1989, new edn. 2002) which directs readers to the importance of post-Classical Sparta. 'Hellenistic' Sparta (roughly the last 3 centuries BCE) and 'Roman' Sparta were so different that they are really best understood as two distinct entities. : Hellenistic Sparta saw the end of the 'old' - famous, powerful, Classical - Sparta with its distinctive Helot-based social, political and economic regime. Roman Sparta was almost a 'normal' Greek city - no Helots, no Perioeci, no agoge, but traded on its glorious past to become a kind of 'theme park' for tourists.

About Professor Paul Cartledge

Professor Paul Cartledge is the AG Leventis Senior Research Fellow of Clare College, and formerly the inaugural AG Leventis Professor of Greek Culture in the University of Cambridge. He is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of some 30 books, most recently Democracy: A Life (Oxford University Press, 2018) and Thebes: the forgotten city of ancient Greece (Picador & Abrams, 2020, pb 2021). Cartledge's field of study is Athens and Sparta in the Classical Age, he has been described as a Laconophile. He was chief historical consultant for the BBC TV series The Greeks and the Channel 4 series The Spartans, presented by Bettany Hughes. Professor Cartledge is also an Honorary Citizen of modern Sparta. Most recently he has been awarded the Commander of the Order of Honour (Ταξιάρχης τῆς Τιμῆς), for his 'contribution to enhancing Greece's stature abroad'.


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