NEW COURSE – Modern Greek for Late Beginners

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication skills in Modern Greek and their knowledge and understanding of the Greek language and culture. This elementary level will introduce the Greek alphabet, greetings and introductions, and how to describe various daily activities. No prior knowledge of Greek is required.

Target group: students aged 10-18, who want to start learning Greek at a later stage

Provided only online – Wednesdays 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Commences: 15 July 2020
Duration: 10 weeks x 2 hours
Cost: $250
Class is limited to 10 students.

To attend the online sessions all you need is the link we will provide (via email), a device with internet connection and a webcam.



By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Recognise and write the letters of the Greek alphabet
  • Read and write simple sentences in Greek
  • Exchange greetings in Greek
  • Introduce themselves and others
  • Identify and use numbers and concepts of time
  • Ask and respond to questions about personal details such as name, nationality, family, hobbies and interests
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Describe oneself and others
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Use language appropriate for certain social occasions
  • Identify grammatical concepts in Greek:
    • The verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’
    • Definite and Indefinite articles
    • Nouns (declension)
    • Adjectives
    • Articles (definite and indefinite)
    • Pronouns (personal, interrogative and possessive)
    • Verbs (First conjugation – Present tense)


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