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2023 Book Fair Exhibitor: John Martino

John martino

2023 Book Fair Exhibitor: John Martino

Dr. John A. Martino is a disabled veteran, honourably discharged from the Australian Defence Force. He wrote his PhD in Classical History through Monash University and The University of Melbourne (with assistance from UNAM in Mexico City and ANU in Canberra) on martial violence in the Old World and the New.

After years of writing academically and creatively, his debut novel, 'Olympia: The Birth of the Games', has now been awarded First Place (Best in Category) in the ‘CIBA Chanticleer International Book Awards’ – ‘Chaucer’ historical fiction division.

John is an avid archer, Alfa Romeo enthusiast, prolific reader, very keen international traveller, animal lover, dedicated aficionado of the Arts and enjoys getting Socratic – if not, at times, a touch Dionysiac – over a good bottle of red with friends. He has a very supportive peer group and family (of Italian and Greek heritage), to whom he owes much.


'Olympia: The Birth of the Games' (4 editions - paperback, hardcopy, ebook & audiobook).

Plus promoting the 5th iteration - 'Olympia: The Birth of the Games' [the new illustrated edition].


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