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“Girls in the Shadow”

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“Girls in the Shadow”

The adult group of the Creative Drama & Arts Centre of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) is back this year with an exciting, subversive comedy, 'Girls in the Shadow,' for only three performances on March 2nd & 3rd at the Clayton Community Centre.

By placing women at the forefront, this innovative comedy is a distinctive blend of originality and vibrancy, a collage of scenes from renowned works by Greek and international playwrights. At its core lies an exploration of womanhood and female identity, as shaped by significant relationships with partners, family, authority, and wealth. It explores various time periods, societies, circumstances, and roles, yet consistently portrays women’s struggle through the passage of time, fading relationships, corrupting power, and societal scrutiny and hypocrisy.

Can a sea bass dish be turned into a deadly weapon? What else could a woman want when she already has a washing machine with 24 programs and a dryer? What is the distance between two individuals who live under the same roof? And what about infidelity; Is it ever okay to cheat if you’re not the one experiencing unfaithfulness?

The theatrical comedy 'Girls in the Shadow' delves into these questions and more. Some answers may surprise you, while others hit close to home. Some will catch you off guard, while others will resonate deeply with you.

One thing is certain: you won't leave unaffected


Directed by: Jeremy Artis
Program Coordination by:
Katerina Poutachidou
: Athina Giannou, Eleni Kiourtidou, Eleni Baveli, Efrosini Theodosiou, Jeremy Artis, Ioanna Gagani, Ioanna Kothroula, Costas Stefanidis, Lemonia Shina, Maria Bakalidou, Nicky Skouri, Pam Pollalis, Syrmo Kapoutsi & Christos Kalifatidis.
Runtime: 80 minutes without an intermission.

In Greek with English captioning
Suitable for ages 15+

To book your tickets, visit our website: GIRLS IN THE SHADOW | Greek Community of Melbourne