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The new Board of Directors of the Greek Community of Melbourne

altThe new Board of Directors of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria was appointed on 1 February 2016 during a meeting of the Electoral Committee and the newly elected members.

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The members of the new Board are:

Mr Papastergiadis Bill

Vice Presidents:
Mr Koukouvitakis Nicholaos
Mr Markos Theo

Hon General Secretary:
Mr Markos Costas

Assistant Secretary:
Ms Iliou Tammy

Mr Pirpiris Marinis

Assistant Treasurer:
Mr Parthimos Nick

Mr Bossinakis Jim
Mr Costa Alexis
Mr Dallas Nick
Ms Georgalis Angela
Ms Kallianis Stavroula
Mr Karamitos Michael
Mr Koletsis George
Mr Papadopoulos Spiros
Mr Sikavitsas Christos
Mr Vassiliadis Phillip
Mr Vlahakis Leonidas
Ms Zangalis Vasso

President Mr Bill Papastergiadis thanked the Electoral Committee for organising the elections and also all the elected members.

‘The next three years are critical to the development of our Community’ says Bill Papastergiadis.

Bill Papastergiadis goes on to say that ‘The GCM is in a transition period. We are seeing the steady handover of responsibility of function from the first generation (those born in Greece) to the next generations of people of Greek background born in Australia’.

‘The educational cultural program which underpin the Community is in critical need of additional resourcing and funding’.

Mr Papastergiadis says ‘We aim to continue the assessment and redevelopment of our properties to ensure that we can capitalise on a return for the Community, which return is then directly invested into our programs. We have demonstrated historically that our Board has been financially prudent and this is no more evident than in the successful development of the 15 storey cultural centre on Lonsdale Street. The former building valued at $3.5 million. Subsequent to the development, it is now valued at $22.5 million. This is a significant bonus for the Community. Additionally, the new Centre is a hub for all activities relating to Hellenic Culture. Over 1,000 people visit the centre each week. Secondly, once the debt of the building is managed, it will provide a strong income source for the cultural and educational programs’.

Mr Papastergiadis concludes ‘Taking the Community forward is essential to us not only from a metaphorical perspective but also a practical one. Unity is essential. We have achieved this with many other Greek organisations in Victoria over the last few years. This was no more demonstrated than at the Greek Ball we organised with 55 other organisations and which was utilised as a fundraising event for the Cultural Centre. Bringing together the organisations, allowing each organisation to express itself and harnessing this energy collectively, will lead to a stronger Greek Community for Melbourne’.

New vice president Mr Nicholaos Koukouvitakis expressed “great pleasure” for his appointment:

“It gives me great pleasure to once again have the honour, privilege and responsibility of serving on the board of the GOCMV. I’m looking forward together with my fellow board members to continue making the GOCMV the leading organisation in both Melbourne and Australia by engaging the next generation to feel proud of their heritage and maintaining our history, language and culture.”

Mr Theo Markos who also was appointed as GCM vice president said:
“I am confident that we, as a team, have the energy and the commitment, to meet the many challenges that lie ahead. This is a crucial time in our Community's history and we will be aiming to encourage the participation of all those who care for our Organisation.”

Assistant Secretary Ms Tammy Iliou said: “I look forward to being part of the executive team of the GCM. I hope I can make a strong impact and positively contribute to the many aims and aspirations of the GCM so that our community continues to thrive.”