Quality of Life and Greek Folk Dance

altAn interesting lecture on the connection between the quality of life and the Greek folk dancing was presented by Ms Maria Bougiesi on Tuesday, 17 May 2016, at the Greek Centre. She has been involved in Hellenic-Greek dance since her childhood. ‘Greek dance is one of the most secure and complete ways for exercise and socialization that lead to physical and mental harmony and has been created from daily people’s life’ as she refers.

The importance of physical activity in improving the human's quality of life and health is widely recognized and scientifically proven. According to the World Health Organization, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and notmerely the absence of disease or infirmity. Hellenic folk dance is connected with Hellenic tradition and, at the same time, consists of a form of exercise which is appropriate for all ages, all body types, requires no special equipment, and combines music, song and rhythmically repeated movement. Ms Bougiesi present Greek folk dance as one of the best forms of exercise for social, physical and mental well-being.

Ms Bougiesi graduated from the D.P.E.E. (Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences) at the University οf Thessaly, Greece, after which she continued with her Master in ‘Psychology of Exercise’ in Greece, Finland and Belgium. Her love and interest in her chosen subject led her to a Doctorate in the field of mental health, dance and exercise, that took place at the University of Thessaly, Greece as well as at the University οf Magdeburg, Germany where she focused on the improvement of cognitive function parameters through dance and exercise in older adults.

- Photo: C. Stamopoulos, T. Markos, M. Bougiesi and N. Dallas