GCM's students follow the Homeric tradition

altOn Sunday the 20th of November 2016 Students from the Greek Community of Melbourne's schools (Greek Centre campus), participated in the closing ceremony of the three day Homeric Festival inaugurated this year by the "Humanities of the 21st century".

In particular, the ceremony opened with  four students from the Ancient Greek classes reciting verses of the Iliad in Ancient Greek and English translation. The students were Chrysoula Maniou, Miltiades Paikopoulos, Eleni Papandreou and Demosthenis Fakiris.

The event closed with a dramatic presentation of a scene from the Odyssey by five students from a high school class, namely, Stella Angus Anagnostou, Anastasia Kapeleri, Dimitra Katsaberi, Dimitris Τamvakis, Dimitris Tafidis under the guidance of the drama teacher, Mr. Stathis Grapsas.

During the homeric Festival two lectures were also given in the GreeK Centre.  Dr. James o' Maley, lecturer at Trinity College, presented "Readings of the Odyssey" and lecturer Dr. Sarah Midford, from La trobe University, spoke on "Australia's Homeric heroes."