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Greek History and Culture Seminars

The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria and the Greek Program of La Trobe University will offer a program of Greek History and Culture during the 2011 academic year. 

The Seminars aim to provide the opportunity to members of the broad Greek community of Melbourne, of post secondary school age, to delve into the long and fascinating history of Greece, and the Greek culture in its various forms and stages, aspects of which have formed the foundation of Western civilisation. 


At the end of each of the two Semesters, Certificates of Attendance will be issued to regular participants of the Seminars.

The Seminars will be conducted in English however on occasion the convenor may use the Greek Language.

Venue: Room FS 101, City Campus of La Trobe University, 215 Franklin St., Melbourne

Day: Thursdays, 6.45 – 8.45 pm


The Seminars will cover the following periods of Greek history:

1. Antiquity, Classical Greece, Hellenistic period

2. Greece under the Romans - The Byzantine Empire - Greece under the Venetians and the Franks – The contribution of Greek men of letters and the arts to the Renaissance in Europe - Greece under the Ottoman Empire - The War of Independence

3. Modern Greek State, 1830-1909

4. Greece in the 20th century

5. The Greeks of the Diaspora - The Greek presence in Australia


Commencement of the Seminars

Part 1. Antiquity, Classical Greece & Hellenistic period.


Thursday, 17 March

Cocktail Party-opportunity to meet the convenors of the program.
Level 3, 168 Lonsdale Melbourne

Thursday, 24 March

Kyriakos Amanatides: An outline of the history of ancient Greece
Dr Athanasios Spilias: The Greek Language: origin, stages, development

Thursday, 31 March

Dr Despina Michael: Homer and the Origins of Tragedy
Helen Nickas: The Heroine’s Voice in Ancient Greek Tragedy

Thursday, 7 April  Dr Kostas Vitkos: Introduction to Greek Philosophy - Olympic Games: A thumb-nail scetch
Thursday, 14 April  Dr Eva Anagnostou-Laoutidou: From Ancient to Divine Drama
Thursday, 21 April,
Thursday, 28 April
Dr George Vassilacopoulos: Plato - The allegory of the Cave Easter brea
Thursday, 5 May Thomas Iliopoulos: How the Greek language influenced the English language
Tassos Stathopoulos: The Ecumenical dimension of Hellenism from the 4th century BC and beyond 



Attendance of the Seminars will be free of charge. However, prospective participants must enrol with the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria by calling the telephone number 9662 2722, or through its e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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