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Information on immigrating to Australia

UPDATED 15/7/2011
Over the last twelve months there has been a sharp increase in regard to Greek citizens wishing to migrate to Australia. Many of these enquiries include queries about how one can apply for a visa and which visa may be the most appropriate for the applicant. Additionally, many of these applicants have highlighted associated difficulties in understanding the migration process. The current visa scheme is wide ranging and ranges from skilled workers and professionals to student visas.


The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria in order to provide clarification to interested parties would like to recommend certain links and information related to migration and visas.


Greek citizens applying to migrate to Australia

Currently all Greek citizens wishing to apply for working visas, sponsored working visas, partner and other family visas must do so through the Australian Embassy in Berlin.

For further details see:



There are three main categories of visas that are most likely to apply to Greek citizens wishing to immigrate to Australia.

Working visas

This visa applies to those wishing to live and work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. To qualify your occupation must appear on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL).

If you are wishing to apply without a sponsor your occupation must appear on SOL – Schedule 1:

(Without a sponsor the application process is longer)

If you are sponsored by a State or Territory government agency your occupation must appear on SOL – Schedule 1 & 2:

If you are sponsored by an Australian employer your occupation must appear on the ENSOL list:

For a complete list of working visas please see the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website:


Student visas

Under subclass visas individuals must apply to study a course at a recognised institution and are permitted to work for 20 hours a week during periods of study however this limit does not apply when the student is on vacation. For more information on applying to study in Australia please refer to:

Greece under this category of visa is considered a level 1 risk and therefore it is easier for Greek citizens to apply. Please note that in addition to the visa application fee, there is also a fee which must be paid to the educational provider.


Partner visas

Australian citizens currently living in Greece who wish to migrate to Australia with their partners who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia

In this instance the partner must apply for a 'partnership visa offshore, temporary and permanent (subclass 309 & 100)'. For further details about this visa see:


Non-government resources

Hellas Australia Visa Services

Hellenic Australian visa Services are a legal firm that provides migration advice and currently offers this service to Greek residents wishing to migrate to Australia.


Please click here for information on Prerequisites For Travelling To Australia

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