The Occupancy of the Amphipolis Tomb

altAndrew Chugg, a world-renowned researcher in ancient history, will present a lecture entitled “The Occupancy of the Amphipolis Tomb” on Thursday 25 October 2018, at the Ithacan Philanthropic Society This is a joint event between the Greek Community and the Institute of Macedonian Studies.

During his lecture Angrew Chugg will attempt a review of the date, design and decoration of the Amphipolis Tomb, a discussion of the inscriptions associated with the complex and an analysis of the several skeletons and other bone fragments unearthed in the main grave with a view to sieving and grading the various hypotheses regarding the construction and occupancy of the structure.

Andrew Chugg has written several books on Alexander the Great, including “The Quest for the Tomb of Alexander the Great”, and “Alexander’s Lovers”. His research has been published in several ancient history and classics journals, including “Greece & Rome” and the “Ancient History Bulletin”.

He has appeared as an Alexander expert on BBC Radio and in several National Geographic TV documentaries, such as the Alexander’s Tomb episode of National Geographic’s Secrets of Egypt series and the Alexander the Great episode of National Geographic’s Mystery Files. He recently completed a project to reconstruct the highly influential account of Alexander’s reign by Cleitarchus, which was written in Alexandria in the second quarter of the third century BC, but which has been lost since the time of the Roman Empire. The entire reconstruction was published in a single 700-page volume in 2015. Andrew is currently working on an account and analysis of the late 4th century BC tomb in the Kasta Mound at Amphipolis, the largest and most important tomb ever found in Greece.

When: 25 October 2018 @ 7:00pm
Where: Ithacan Philanthropic Society, Level 2, 329 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

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