We are οne - Είμαστε ένα

altThe School of Language and Culture of the GCM emphasizes the learning of the Aboriginal history and culture to engage all students in reconciliation, respect, and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.

Learning about Aboriginal histories and cultures allow students to deepen their knowledge of the history of Australia and to develop an understanding of cultural difference and respect for diversity.

We as Greeks, feel sometimes that we walk in two worlds, the western one and the ancient Greek one, which is rich of myths, stories, rituals and traditions.

Thus we believe since our students have in their “blood” what it means to be in two worlds, we thought that teaching them about Aboriginals and bring them in touch with some of their stories, songs and culture, in Greek language where is appropriate, we will help them to understand better the cultural differences and similarities, but also to widen their horizon and learn to respect life!

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