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GCM Greek Language School student activities

altThe Greek Community of Melbourne's Language & Culture Schools has organized several events during the past weeks, aiming to educate, inform and entertain their students.

Some of these events include the following:

Excursion to the Immigration Museum: In the context of preparing the Y12 students for their Greek Language final VCE exams, our school organized and carried out an educational trip to the Immigration Museum. The students had the opportunity to tour the exhibits of the two-storey building of the museum, explore aspects of the migration process and reflect on issues, such as the reasons and motives behind immigration, the challenges of settling in the new country you intend to call home, as well as the hardships one must face on the journey of finding a ‘better life’ for themselves and loved ones.

A Virtual Visit to La Trobe University: The Year 11 students of the City campus class of the Greek Community’s school, attended a virtual excursion called "Greek Beyond High School" organised by La Trobe University. The purpose of this trip was to explain to the students what it is like to study Greek at university, allow them to explore the available options they have after Year 12, and highlight the importance of learning and maintaining a relationship with the Greek language. The tour also informed students about how Greek can be used as a tool on their degrees and careers and presented the Greek program of the University of La Trobe as well as the Dardalis Archives and gave them the opportunity to participate in Greek courses at an academic level.

Activities prepared "With love for our children!": Teachers of all levels of the Greek Community of Melbourne Schools, through modern and asynchronous forms of distance learning, support students and parents, as education never stops! After discussions that took place among the school staff, a decision was made and that was to prioritize the wellbeing of their students during these unpredictable times. Driven by the "Love for our children," the teachers decided to develop a schedule with a range of activities for them to complete.

  • The first part was the creation of a video in which teachers of all levels participated in and aimed to convey positive messages to their students, but also to their families. The video was edited by the kinder teacher Christina Soumi.
  • On Friday night (27/08), the students and parents of the Alphington Campus met through zoom and played kahoot! in a multiple question quiz game.
  • The students of City campus had the pleasure to meet and prepare a refreshing tzatziki for all the family, with the help of their dear teacher and mom Maria Nikezi.
  • The Y9 students of City Campus, following the lead of their teacher, Vicky Lambropoulou, organized a Social Club that aims to support them during the current, difficult times they are experiencing due to the extended lockdown. Among other things, the children "hang out" on Zoom and watched the movie comedy: "My big fat Greek wedding!"

Participation in a competition about the Olympic Games: Grade 4 of East Bentleigh Campus participated in the competition #mybigfatgreekolympicchallenge2021 that was organized by the MGTAV, with drawings and numerous creations. Because of the Tokyo Olympics, the students had the chance to study, play interactive games, watch educational videos, and read historical sources and myths about the Olympic Games from the Ancient years to the present day.

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