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Impressive results for the Greek Community of Melbourne VCE 2021 Class

2021 vce breakdownFor another year, the students of the Greek Community of Melbourne Schools, stood out and excelled in the Modern and Ancient Greek VCE exams, scoring extremely high performances.

In the course of Modern Greek, 53.5% of our students scored above 37, 28% scored above 40, while 84% scored above 31, raw study score, without the scaling.

It is worth noting that 74.4% of our students that sat the written exam, scored a grade point average of 14.3% above the State median. While in the oral exams, 90.5% of our students scored 9.4% above the State median.

Among our students that excelled are Kapetanea Varvara (Vera), who sat exams in Greek as a first language and achieved a raw score of 50/50, while students Lambropoulou Chrysoula and Limberis Olga, who achieved a score of 49/50 and Chloe Apostolou, who achieved a score of 46/50, sat the exams in Greek as a second language.

In the lesson of Ancient Greek, the results of our students were quite satisfactory. The score in the ancient Greek Language after the scaling up was between 27-40.

The Principal of the Greek Community of Melbourne Language and Culture Schools, Maria Bakalidou, stated: “It’s a day of great joy. Our students showed exceptional effort in the two years of VCE. In one of the most difficult times of the last decade, in unprecedented conditions, in the midst of a pandemic, they fought, transformed their rooms into classrooms, and managed the impossible; to achieve such high scores in such adverse conditions.
Their efforts are moving and a source of inspiration for the younger students, but also for all of us. Congratulations!”

The Vice President of the Greek Community and Head of the Educational Committee, Theodoros Markos, made the following statement: “We are more than pleased with the results of this year's VCE exams. We need to remember though, what counts is the effort the children have put throughout their 12-years of study in the Greek school and not only the final grades. We would like to express our gratitude to the parents and grandparents of our students for their support through this challenging journey.
And last, but not least, a big thank you to our teachers who view teaching as a cause and not just a profession. Congratulations!”

The Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria, is very proud of the achievements of each student and thanks them for the contributions that they have made to Hellenism in Australia. Congratulations!

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