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Mimis Sophocleous Presents his Book on Mikis Theodorakis

Sophocleous Mimis book
Mikis Theodorakis and the cover of Mimis Sophocleous's book

Mimis Sophocleous Presents his Book on Mikis Theodorakis

A special cultural event is scheduled to take place at the Greek Centre on Sunday, August 27th, at 4:30 pm, to celebrate the release of Mimi Sophocleous's book on Mikis Theodorakis, titled "Mikis Theodorakis: The Meaning of the Muses - A Unique, International Cultural Phenomenon". During this event, the author will speak on the topic: "Mikis Theodorakis, the Muse's Favorite."

It is noteworthy that the book by Mr. Sophocleous, published by Afi Publications (Limassol, 2022), is the last work the great composer received while alive and upon which he bestowed favorable comments.

The lecture, accompanied by enlightening slides, will cover three areas related to the life, work, and significant artistic and social contributions of this distinguished composer. Special attention will be given to Mikis Theodorakis' relationship with Cyprus, with "the golden green leaf" being one of the composer's songs dedicated to the island.

Moreover, there will be a presentation of the book by educator Yiannis Milidis. All proceeds from the book sales will be donated, as per the author's custom, to support the purchase of musical instruments for the Music School of Limassol, "Marios Tokas."

The event will conclude with a brief artistic program featuring songs from Mikis's song cycles: "Deserters," "The Ballad of Mauthausen," and "Axion Esti." These will be performed by Orestes Sophocleous, Christos Themistocleous, and Mimis Sophocleous.

Mikis Theodorakis (1925-2021) was a renowned Greek composer and musician, known for his prolific and diverse contributions to music. He is often considered one of the most important figures in Greek music and culture during the 20th century. While the phrase 'the favourite of the Muses' isn't a commonly used title for him, it does reflect his status as a revered artist. Theodorakis composed music across various genres, including classical, folk, and popular music. Some of his most notable works include symphonies, ballets, operas, film scores, and popular songs. He was also known for his politically charged compositions and his involvement in social and political causes.

One of Theodorakis' most famous works is the music he composed for the 1964 film 'Zorba the Greek', which became internationally recognized and is often associated with Greek culture. His music was characterized by its emotional depth and its ability to capture the essence of Greek identity. In addition to his musical contributions, Theodorakis was also active in politics. He was an advocate for social justice and democratic ideals, and he faced political persecution during periods of Greece's history when his views clashed with the ruling regimes. Despite his challenges, he continued to create music that resonated with people both in Greece and around the world.

Overall, Mikis Theodorakis left a lasting legacy in the world of music and culture, and he is remembered as a prominent figure whose work continues to be celebrated by many.

Professor Mimis Sophocleous was born in Mazotos village, Larnaca. He is the Academic Director of Patticheion Municipal Museum & Limassol Historical Archives. He has studied at Athens Kappodistrian University (Philosophy and Psychology), La Trobe University (Education and Media), RMIT University (Tertiary Teaching and Design) and the University of Queensland (History and Multicultural Arts). During his student years he was involved with music and become the first collaborator of composer Marios Tocas. He returned to Cyprus in 2002 after a 30 year absence. He is married with fellow academic, Salome Padima, and they have a son, Orestes Sophocleous who lives in Melbourne.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 27 August 2023 | 4:30 pm. Doors Open from 4:00 pm

Venue: The Greek Centre (Mezzanine, 168 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne)