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2023 Book Fair Exhibitor: Danae Konidaris

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2023 Book Fair Exhibitor: Danae Konidaris

Danae Konidaris was born in Queensland and has always lived in Melbourne. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Writing. Danae assisted her adult sons with the Greek citizenship registration process from their first appointment at the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne to her sons receiving their Greek birth certificates and being registered in the Greek Municipal Roll as citizens of their father’s (her husband’s) πατρίδα (homeland).

Then came the process of her sons obtaining ongoing compulsory military service deferment once they became citizens of Greece. These first-hand experiences and the newly acquired knowledge about exercising one’s right to Greek citizenship by descent inspired Danae to conduct further research and then write two books.

The motivation behind writing the books was to inform, encourage and support others who also wish to exercise their birthright and become Greek dual citizens. The publication of the paperback and ebook 'Guide to Your Greek Citizenship by Descent' and the sequel ebook 'Guide to Deferring Your Greek Army Service Indefinitely' followed.

As an ancillary support to the books to assist with the wide variety of unusual circumstances that may surround a Greek citizenship application, Danae went on to create the Facebook group Go Next-Level Greek Group, of which she is Admin. The group is a worldwide help hub for people who wish to become dual citizens of Greece by descent.

Members share questions, information and experiences about their Greek citizenship application/registration process and goals.


Paperback Title:
Guide to Your Greek Citizenship by Descent

Having Greek dual citizenship is one of the best investments you can make for your and your family’s future.
• Do you want to kickstart your Greek citizenship application?
• Do you want ways to get the documents/info you need?
• Would you like to feel supported and “in the know” during your entire Greek citizenship registration process?

Then let this big friendly guide - based on Danae’s first-hand experience and research - open the door to your Greek citizenship goals and welcome them in.
It's your guiding light from the first consular appointment to becoming a registered Greek citizen with a Greek birth certificate. The Greek registration process is universal, so this book applies to you.

The guide is packed with lots of valuable, current information to help you whatever your citizenship application circumstances might be. For example, it talks about applications based on a registered Greek parent/grandparent/great grandparent.

This easy-to-read book shows you exactly how Danae’s adult sons became Greek citizens with Greek EU passports, while explaining the new reforms that apply in 2023. For instance, you’ll see their:
• day-to-day Greek registration timeline
• inside info and tips
• costs – consular and legal
• documents – tables and examples
• solutions to challenges that popped up along the way.

Plus, you’ll observe the work of the Greek lawyer who assisted Danae’s sons during their registration process. You’ll be able to gauge whether legal assistance could be for you. Find out:
• currently what a lawyer may do to assist you
• how to engage a lawyer
• the contact details of Danae’s lawyer in Athens.

Guide to Your Greek Citizenship by Descent is like having Danae by your side every step of the way. So, get ready to feel encouraged, informed and motivated to move toward your Greek citizenship and passport goals today!

Length: 228 pages Language: English First published: 2/2/2023