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Awards Night for GCM Adult Students

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Awards Night for GCM Adult Students

An event dedicated to its adult students, who are taught Greek as a second or foreign language, organized by the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) as part of the Christmas celebrations and the completion of the learning courses of 2023.

This event had a special character as it aimed to reward their effort, honor their dedication and hard work, and praise their commendable development.

A delegation of the Board of Directors of the GCM was also present. Dr. Nick Dallas, the GCM Head of Educational Programs, said, “The get-together with the adult students had such a positive buzz. They all had different reasons for studying Greek, but the principal ones being they had some Greek background or were involved with Greek partners.

One student who also participated in a summer camp mentioned that she's grateful that the GCM is an appealing, safe, and inviting space offering a diverse range of activities.

The awards were presented by Mrs. Maria Bakalidou, the Principal of the GCM schools, who, expressing her heartfelt congratulations, stated, “Each student has a different, yet interesting story, a unique motivation that draws them to the Greek adult class every week, after a tiring day, to delve into the Greek language and discover aspects of Greek culture. Each person, in their way, serves as a wellspring of inspiration and sets a brilliant example for all of us.”

Key highlights of the evening include a sumptuous Greek cuisine buffet, featuring a delectable array of authentic dishes that pay homage to the flavors of Greece. The night was also infused with the spirit of Greece as attendees joyfully danced to the rhythm of traditional Greek songs.

Another highlight of the student cohort this year is that, for the first time, three adult students successfully took the 'Certificate of Greek Language Attainment' examinations conducted by the education office at the Greek Consulate of Melbourne.

This globally recognized certificate shows that the student has reached a certain level of Greek language proficiency.

Mr. Alexandros Giannadakis, the GCM coordinator of ancient Greek courses & adult Greek courses, stated, “From mastering the intricacies of the Greek language to embracing the rich cultural heritage, the achievements of our students deserve to be applauded and honored.

This night is a testament to their dedication and passion for embracing the Greek language and culture." Registration for next year's classes is now open, offering individuals the chance to embark on a journey of language and cultural exploration, either online or in the classroom at the Greek Centre.

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