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11Th Greek Student Film Festival E.O.I.

10th Student Film Festival 16x9

11Th Greek Student Film Festival E.O.I.

The Greek Student Film Festival returns this year to offer once more to students the opportunity to use the Greek Language in creative and innovative ways, promotes group participation and confidence, and may even inspire a few filmmakers of the future.

The project in Victoria is presented by the following organisations: Greek Film Festival, Greek Community of Melbourne, Education Office of the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne, Department of Education and Training and the Modern Greek Teacher’s Association of Victoria.

Entries will be screened at Palace Cinema Como, during the last day of the 2023 Greek Film Festival, 29th of October 2023.

The topic for this year’s competition is: “Mirror”

Students are encouraged to delve deep and explore what lies beyond the looking glass. What does the reflection reveal about oneself? What secrets lie within?

Participants are encouraged to interpret the topic as creatively as they wish, and each short film should not exceed 5 mins. This year’s “signature item”, which we would like to see included in each film will be an HOURGLASS. You can include the signature item any way you like, and it can form part of your main story or simply added in the background of a shot.

Short films can be submitted in any of the following genres but must use Greek as the main language.

1. Short Film Animation

2. Short Film Documentary

3. Short Fiction

The competition will be divided into two categories, with three prizes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) awarded in each category. As of this year, a new award will be included, the “Best short film Audience Award”.

1. Primary School students

2. Secondary School students

Short films will be evaluated based on the following judging criteria:

1. Creativity

2. Use of the Greek language

3. Originality

4. Production values, including picture and sound quality.

The deadline for submissions for the 11th Greek Student Film Festival is Friday, September15, 2023.

Students and groups wishing to participate in this year’s competition are invited to express their interest by submitting the attached online form by Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

For more information please contact:

Heidi Serafimidou
Greek Film Festival
(03) 9662 2722