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Exceptional VCE Results From GCM Students

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Exceptional VCE Results From GCM Students

The Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) are proud to announce that this year’s cohort of VCE students achieved outstanding marks in their Modern Greek exams.

It is reported by the Greek Community’s Language and Cultural Schools that out of the 44 students who took this year’s exam, 8 achieved a score of 40 or higher putting them in the state’s top 91 percentile.

Overall, 86% of GCM students scored equal or higher than 29/50, with only one of these students noting Greek as their first language.

The GCM’s school program is also pleased to announce that many of the students who achieved outstanding results are third-generation Greek

Australians, showcasing fantastic participation in non-native speakers.

Successes were also achieved in Ancient Greek, with one of the four students who participated in the exams scoring 35/50.

The GCM students who excelled in the Greek subject this year are as follows:

• Artemis Galazoula (47/50)

• Georgios Pirpiris (47/50)

• Theodoros Limberis (43/50)

• Anna Katsoulis (42/50)

• Thanasis Georgakakis (41/50)

• Angeliki Katachiotis (41/50)

• Kerasia Katsoulis (41/50)

• Nektaria Toskas (41/50)

Ancient Greek:

• Kleopatra Gkini (35/50)

The GCM Board of Directors and the educational staff congratulate all students on their achievements and wish them continued progress and success in their future goals.

With this in mind, Maria Bakalidou, Principal of the GCM School Program, stated: “Our educators are devoted in persisting its endeavours with unwavering enthusiasm and steadfast dedication, ensuring a commitment to maintaining educational excellence and high standards in teaching”.

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