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Greek Community of Melbourne Upgrades Membership System

new membership system

Greek Community of Melbourne Upgrades Membership System

The Greek Community of Melbourne is excited to announce the transition of its membership system to a new and improved platform, Glue Up. This change aims to enhance your membership experience by providing greater flexibility, ease of access, and streamlined processes.

Once implemented, the Glue Up platform will offer several key advantages:

  • Members will find it simpler to access their benefits and manage their accounts.
  • Membership renewals will be more straightforward, with automated reminders and an opt-out recurring payment system.
  • Members can log in to their profiles, check their membership status, and update their details from any computer or mobile device.

What is Glue Up?

Glue Up's Membership Management Software is designed to be user-friendly and highly automated, making it an ideal solution for managing community-based group memberships. It simplifies database management and enhances member engagement through intuitive features.

How does Glue Up handle membership renewals?

Glue Up allows for automated renewal reminders to be sent straight to our member’s nominated email addresses as well with instructions on how to renew.

In addition to this, Glue Up also facilitates an opt-out recurring payment system. This feature will eliminate your need to manually renew your membership every year.

As stated above, one of the biggest perks of the renewal process is that the platform provides self-service options to all members allowing you to renew your memberships and update your contact information from your own computer or mobile device.

What will you need to do?

In the coming days, members will receive an email titled "Update to The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria Membership". This email will include a blue button labeled "Create Your New Member Account" Members should click this button and follow the instructions to set up their login details. Once completed, a Welcome Email will be sent to confirm the successful setup.

What happens if I do not have an email address?

Nothing changes for members who do not have a registered email address attached to their current membership. They will still be migrated onto the system and the administration team at The Greek Centre will continue to communicate with these members via Australia Post.

What happens if I do have an email address but did not receive the activation email?
There are a few reasons as to why this could happen, however we advise you that if you have not received an activation email by 01 August 2024, to email to help troubleshoot.

We are confident that the new Glue Up platform will significantly improve your experience as a member of the Greek Community of Melbourne.