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The Highly Anticipated Annual Dinner Dance Was a Sold-out Affair


The Highly Anticipated Annual Dinner Dance Was a Sold-out Affair

The Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM), in collaboration with the GCM Dance Group, hosted their highly anticipated Annual Dinner Dance, which was a sold-out affair. The evening commenced with a warm welcome from the GCM Dancers, in their traditional costumes, setting the stage for an evening of joy and cultural immersion.

The event paid tribute to and upheld Greek tradition, serving as a homage to our Greek heritage. One of the highlights of the evening was the performance by the talented Spyros Siolos and Vaggelis Pantioras, who came all the way from Greece to grace Melbourne with their traditional acoustic set. They were joined on stage by the Melbourne-based Demotika Hellenic Folk Music Band.

The GCM Dance group impressed the audience with a captivating showcase, featuring an array of traditional dances from the Peloponnese and Central Greece.

This event was undoubtedly successful which left an indelible impression on all who attended. In attendance were esteemed GCM Board members, including President Mr. Bill Papastergiadis OAM and Secretary Mr. Nick Koukouvitakis.

Bill Papastergiadis,OAM, President of the GCM shared his thoughts on the event “it was heartening to see the venue largely filled with young people who are developing a strong connection to their culture and to the GCM.  These events are an important link to the continuity of our organisation, and I congratulate the GCM dance Group and its leader Nick PapefthimIou for his leadership and efforts in growing this connection.”
Instructor Nick Papaefthimiou, leading the GCM Dance Group, beautifully defines their group's mission: "Dancing transcends mere steps to become the art of interpreting music and revealing your authentic self. It's not about conforming to identical routines but expressing your unique personality. Through rooted feet and spontaneous creativity, dance becomes a personal embodiment of the music. This is why we are committed to organizing these Dinner Dances, as our aim is to guide the younger generation in understanding that dance is not just about memorizing steps but about learning to express oneself through a profound connection with and interpretation of the music."

“Others dance for the audience; we dance to feed the soul and the audience is just there watching” he added.

Nick Koukouvitakis, Secretary of the GCM, expressed his gratitude for being part of the GCM dance group's event” It was a privilege to attend the GCM dance group function and see so many of the younger generation embrace their culture performing to beautiful folk dancing. The GCM dance group were dressed in traditional costumes dancing to music and lyrics from talented artists Spyros Siolos and Vaggelis Pandioras from Greece. They must be commended as they were also instrumental in helping to organise such a wonderful event”.

Member of the GCM Tass Sgardelis said: “We are incredibly proud of the success of the GCM Dinner Dance, which serves as a testament to the lively spirit and strong unity within our community. Witnessing the young dancers connect with their cultural heritage and roots is of utmost importance to us, especially in preserving and celebrating our Greek heritage."

It was a night filled with joy, unity, and the celebration of Greek culture all around and the GCM Dance Group is looking forward to announcing more of these exceptional events in the upcoming months.

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