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Youth Theatre on Air

Στ τάξη Bentleigh GCM

Youth Theatre on Air

The online festival for young people, "Theater in Front of a Microphone," is returning for its fourth consecutive year to give children, teenagers, and young people from Greece, Cyprus, and the diaspora the opportunity to create and present their own radio theatrical works.

The Greek Language and Culture Schools of the Greek Community of Melbourne are participating with six theatrical plays. The plays and campuses participating are as follows:

- «Ορφέας και Ευρυδίκη» - Bentleigh campus

- «Πήραν την Πόλιν, πήραν την» - Balwyn campus

- Το Τρελοβάπορο - Bentleigh campus

- «Το νησί του Θησαυρού» - Mathesi campus

- «Θα μου χάριζες τα μαλλιά σου;» - City campus

- «Η αγάπη προς τον Θεό Ήλιο» - Doncaster campus

The festival is the result of a collaboration between the Theatrical Visual Arts Center "Poupoulo" (Thessaloniki, Greece), the Motivation in Arts Foundation (Paphos, Cyprus), and the Creative Drama & Arts Center (Melbourne, Australia). The aim of the festival is to spread Greek language, culture, and theatrical expression through radio waves and the internet, wherever there is a Greek community.

The advantage of this initiative lies in its digital nature, which allows for collaboration across borders and distances. Additionally, it is an activity open to everyone on the World Wide Web and unites Greek children from different parts of the world, creating "satellites" for the dissemination of Greek spirit.

So far, 31 theatrical/narrative works have been submitted to the organizers from Greece, Cyprus, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

The Judging Committee consists of Dr. Stavroula Nikoloudis, lecturer and coordinator of the Modern Greek Studies program at La Trobe University in Melbourne; Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Northern Greece, director/actor Asterios Pelteki; and the radio producer of RIK, educator Kyriakos Pastidis.

The Online Opening Ceremony of the Festival will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 5pm (Melbourne time) and 10am (Greek time), when the awards ceremony will also be held.