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Greek History and Culture Seminars 2023

By Greek Community Staff |
Greek History and Culture Seminars 2023 Cover Image
Credit: Kostas Avlonitis 2023

Greek History and Culture Seminars 2023

by Greek Community Staff

The "Greek History and Culture Seminars" are organised and hosted by The Greek Community of Melbourne and provide the opportunity for everyone to experience the long and fascinating history of Greece and Greek culture in its various forms and stages, aspects of which have formed the foundation of Western civilisation.

This year all our seminars are free and open to the general public, and unless otherwise noted, presented in English.

All seminars are scheduled to start at 7:00pm and will be held either at the Mezzanine Level of the Greek Centre (168 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne) or Online (see under 'Venue' on table below)

For details relating to each seminar please see the Events menu on this website close to the day of the event.

12 Mar.Prof Vrasidas KaralisCornelius Castoriadis 100 years later: Greek philosophy after the Greeks!Mezz
29 Mar.Dr Anna FytaGalatea Alexiou Kazantzaki (1884-1962): A Modernist Greek Woman in the Shadow of a Great ManOnline
316 Mar.James McDonaldDebunking Xenophon - Sifting Fact from Dross in the Life of a Major HistorianMezz
423 Mar.Prof George KouvarosDiasporic Visibility in Sydney’s Post-War Greek NeighbourhoodsMezz
530 Mar.Dr Kostis KarpozilosThe Asia Minor Refugees and the Remaking of the Greek Left Online
66 Apr.Prof Paul CartledgeHellenistic and Roman Sparta: a tale of two citiesOnline
711 Apr. TUESDAY Μαρία Ευθυμίου | Prof Maria EuthymiouΑντέχοντας στον χρόνο: τα ισχυρά σημεία του Ελληνισμού στα 3.500 χρόνια της καταγεγραμμένης Ιστορίας του | Enduring the test of time – The highlights of Hellenism in the 3,500 years of its recorded historyOnline
820 Apr.Dr Aris TrantidisThe Curse of Sisyphus: Clientelism and the Greek StateOnline
927 Apr.Dr Effie SteriopoulosThe ANZAC Pilgrimage to Gallipoli: A heritage brand with mythical statusMezz
104 MayDr Christos FifisThe Greek Australian Community, 1900-1954Mezz
1111 MayDr Stavroula Nikoloudis & Prof James WalkerGreek in Melbourne: language, identity and belonging.Mezz
1218 MayDean KalimniouPontian Genocide Memorial SeminarMezz
1325 MayDr Anna TsalapatanisThe Economy in Ruins: Cartooning during the Greek Financial CrisisOnline
141 Jun.Prof Vangelis KaramanolakisΞαναδιαβάζοντας τους φακέλους κοινωνικών φρονημάτων. | Revisiting the certificates of correct civic-mindednessOnline
158 Jun.Dr Andrew ConnorThe Role of Greek in the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphsMezz
1615 Jun.Rexhina NdociLanguage and ethnic identity: Constructing the Albanian diaspora in GreeceOnline
1722 Jun.Naz VardarCarnival Celebrations in Late Ottoman Istanbul: Intersections of Class, Gender and Identity in Apokries and Baklahorani’.Online
1829 Jun.Dr Dimitris KamouzisThe Asia Minor Campaign and the Fate of Returned SoldiersOnline
196 Jul.Alexander BillinisThe Role of Greek Cotton Merchants in the American Civil WarOnline
2013 Jul.Dr Konstandina DounisLiterary Translation as a Political Act: transferring post-war narratives from the margins to the mainstreamMezz
2120 Jul.Dr Elena BouletiEarly Years of British Administration in CyprusOnline
2227 Jul.Δρ. Μαρία ΜπουγιέσηΕλληνικός παραδοσιακός χορός, μια εναλλακτική μορφή άσκησης και αστείρευτη πηγή πλούτουOnline
233 Aug.Dr Andonis PiperoglouLaunching 'Little Greece': Transcultural Place Naming and Narratives of MigrationMezz
2410 Aug.Dr Alexandra DelliosGreek-Australian women and welfare advocacy in the 1970sMezz
2517 Aug.6:00pm: Μιχάλης Μπακογιάννης // 7:15pm: Dean Kalimniou6:00pm: «Η Ελλάδα: ένα σταυρωμένο κορμί (Γ. Σεφέρης). Ο Εμφύλιος πόλεμος (1946-1949) στην ελληνική πεζογραφία» // 7:15pm Pyrrhus - the western AlexanderMezz
2624 Aug.Daphne ArapakisGreek Lives on Indigenous Lands: Community Responsibility and the Ethnic Experience of ColonialityMezz
2731 Aug.Dr John YiannakisPeter Michaelides - Globalisation and the demise of a tobacco tycoonOnline
287 Sep.Michael AlexandratosThe Other side of the Moon: Constructing an Anthology of Greek Outsider WritingMezz
2914 Sep.Angela CostiDimitris Tsaloumas Memorial SeminarMezz
3021 Sep.Assoc Prof Francesco RicattiBeyond sacrifice and respectability: the importance of ethnic history in Australia.Mezz
3128 Sep.Dr Emily HulmeMust one have a beard to be a philosopher? Women and ancient Greek philosophyMezz
325 Oct.Dr Erma VassiliouSmall words with mighty power: a fascinating insight into the Greek LanguageMezz