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Improve Your Conversational Greek Skills

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Improve Your Conversational Greek Skills

The Greek Community of Melbourne’s Language & Culture Schools is introducing a unique initiative for students of all ages to improve their conversational Greek Skills. The classes are an excellent opportunity to cultivate the knowledge of Greek to those interested in developing their conversational skills.

All participants in the program can join a Greek-speaking group from the comfort of their own home by talking about everyday issues that interest them.

The program was launched during the pandemic to meet students' needs for communication. Its success led to the establishment of courses on a consistent basis. It is structured, as a discussion co-shaped by the participants, who choose the topics that interest them and interact, essentially learning from each other in a natural and effortless way, without the stress of exams or preparation.

Christina Soumi, teacher of The Greek Community of Melbourne’s Language & Culture Schools shared her thoughts on the exciting initiative "Learning Greek does not mean going to a school and just learning grammar. Learning Greek means holding conversations and chats about everyday issues with the people we love. In our classes we spend 40 minutes with the students and our aim is to give them the opportunity to meet in a friendly environment and discuss things that concern them. Furthermore, our main objective is to reinforce, support and provide the tools to the next generation not only to gain the skills to hold a conversation but also to expand their horizons”!

As many of our Australian born students preparing to travel to Greece and see relatives it is a great opportunity to attend our classes and connect even more with their homeland and their loved ones. For those on the courses can find more information on the website of the G.C.O.M.V.

Participation fees per term: $65 for students of G.C.O.M.V. Schools, $85 for non-students.

The online Conversational Skills Program is offered to students from Prep to VCE and Adults as well.

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